What to expect at your free consultation with Dr. Wirthlin.

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Treatment Plan

In your free consultation, we’ll take x-rays, digital photographs, digital impressions (no mess!), and create a customized treatment plan for you.

You can get started as soon as you’re ready—even that same day!

Insurance Verification

We’ll verify your insurance coverage so you know all your coverage and costs up front.

Our broad network of insurance partners ensures you’ll get the best price for your treatment.


At Wirthlin Orthodontics, we’re committed to making orthodontics easy.

Schedule your initial appointment with Wirthlin Orthodontics to learn about treatment options and costs.

Schedule your initial appointment with Wirthlin Orthodontics to learn about treatment options and costs.

Flexible Payment plan

Once we know what your insurance covers, we’ll work with you to create a payment plan for your treatment that makes it easy to achieve the smile you desire.

Schedule your next appointment

You’ll leave with all the information you need to move forward: the best treatment for you, how long treatment will last, and what it will cost. You can even get started that day!



Get the smile you’ve always wanted.


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Optimal Results

Not all orthodontics are created equal. We know the difference between good and great treatment and results. Dr. Wirthlin has received more training than most orthodontists and uses his expertise to craft your best smile.

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Your treatment and payment plan includes everything: all x-rays & pictures, scheduled appointments & comfort visits, follow-up care, and retainers. So there are no surprises or additional costs down the road.

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Clear Communication

You’ll understand your treatment plan and know all your costs up front. You’ll also receive timely answers to your questions throughout treatment.

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Same-Day Braces!

Your time is valuable. If you prefer, you can start treatment the same day as your free consultation.